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  • Jellyfish is a global boutique intelligence firm that combines on-the-ground intelligence collection and analytics with an unprecedented country-to-country economic diplomacy program that helps governments, corporations, institutions and private individuals forge secure partnerships, discover new opportunities and mitigate operational risks. Our localized and cross-border human intelligence networks that span the globe, superior analytical and advanced technology capabilities represent the core of our service.

    Discovery, Diplomacy and Defense define our overall approach to forging "smart power" relations that make the world a better place for all stakeholders.

  • Jellyfish SWARM

    Security requires cooperation across the stakeholder spectrum
    • Creating Value
    • Security Solutions
    • Partnership Collaboration
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  • Jellyfish TENTACLES

    Cooperative stakeholder strategies create intelligent decisions
    • Opportunity Analysis
    • Intelligence Collection
    • Asset Development
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  • Jellyfish COLONY

    Partnerships are paramount in a globalized world
    • Liaison Arrangements
    • Economic Statecraft
    • Corporate Diplomacy
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